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Course Creation Done For You

Do you want to sell your own course or have in-house on-demand training courses for your staff? Many people want to have their own course, be it to share their knowledge, branding, staff training or other purposes. But are stuck and maybe do not know how to do it or are too busy to get it done.

Fret not, we can (likely) create your course for you! Yes, we create the outline, materials and videos for your course. You own the intellectual property rights and you keep all the revenue. You can host it anywhere you wish (your own website, in-house, on Udemy or similar providers) or even here itself (small hosting fee applies).

If you already have an existing offline (classroom) course that you want to transform into an online course we can do that for you, too.

Of course not all topics are suitable for this, so just get in touch with us to discuss your needs and the course creation fees, which of course vary depending on your requirements. Submit below form and get a free quotation now.