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  • What Is The Property Apprentice System?

    Is The Online (Web-based) Version Of My Entire Training Program That People Pay $2,497 To Attend. It includes ALL the content, video training modules, slides, workbook, guides and exercises from the live class (for exact details see below)

    Also Available As DVD Version If You Have A Slow Internet Connection Or Simply Prefer Physical Things (e.g. as a present)


    Why You Should Get This System Now

  • Dream Or Reality? Stop Dreaming Of Passive Income And Financial Freedom And Start Doing! This System Enables You To Get Started

  • How To? Most People Do Not Even Start Because They Don't Know How To. Here You Will Learn The Exact Knowledge And Techniques You Need To Become A Successful Property Investor Step By Step

  • Beginner? Especially If You Have No or Little Experience In Investing It is Crucial To Learn Properly In Order To Avoid Costly Mistakes

  • Top 8 Reasons Why So Many People Are Getting This System

    They have a a desire for an additional income source, but know they need help


    They understand the power of a repeatable, predictable and profitable process


    They realize the massive potential in property and so many different strategies


    They know they can easily leverage on my expertise and experience


    They want to learn from the best


    They love being able to scale up and not get stuck after the first or second property


    They recognize that this saves them a lengthy learning curve and avoids costly mistakes


    It works. They can do it and want to get real and consistent results


    Yes, I Want To Get It Too

    What Will You Learn

    The Property Apprentice System
    (Property Investing Training Course)

    5 ways how to profit from property even with very little capital


    The 'undervalued goldmine' property method


    How to cash out without selling your property


    Why property is a recession-proof business


    Ensuring you a profitable from Day 1 so you are not exposed to unnecessary risk


    How to avoid costly mistakes


    The proven formula to always get your properties at a discount (amazingly simple)


    14 different profitable strategies and how you can find the one that is right for you


    How to deploy creative financing so you can access virtually 'unlimited' money


    Due Diligence and assessments made easy


    Generate a passive income stream into your bank account every month - forever


    Overcoming your fear so you will implement -nobody gets income from 'thinking about it'


    This Very Comprehensive And Complete Syllabus Is What Distinguishes This System From Most Other Property Courses, Which Often Teach The Basics Only. 

    From the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you, you will obtain an eye-opening, solid financial education that will enable you to build a passive income in order to secure your and your family’s financial future.

    You will be equipped with all the necessary skills, knowledge, and transferable techniques you need to invest profitably in the property market even if you have little experience or a small starting capital.

    What Will You NOT Learn

    You will not have to waste any precious time with

    Anything that is not required


    Anything that is not necessary


    Anything that is not needed


    in order for you to become a successful property investor and generate passive income

    Whom Is This System For?

    This system is for you if:

    You are an employee who solely relies on a single source of active income (a.k.a. "salary")


    You are a solopreneur or self-employed person who is too busy to look after his/her investments


    You have a family to look after and are worried about losing your job or business, especially due to a pandemic or recession


    You would like to create a passive income stream come into your bank account every month


    You aspire to retire early and be financially free, travel the world or simply enjoy life without having to worry about money


    Whom Is This System NOT For?

    This system is not for you if:

    You don't have $697 in the bank any more


    You are scared of anything new, unfamiliar or perceived risk


    You prefer complaining, bitching and whining over improving yourself and making money


    In you fall into any of these or similar categories, please do not order the system

    Bought With No (Own) Money


    This 1-bedroom condo unit in Pattaya (Thailand) was purchased without using any of my own money (can be evidenced). It is used in the system as a case study on one of the 5 ways being taught how to profit from property with no (own) money.

    Do NOT try this on your own if you don't know what you are doing. There are many considerations and techniques you need to know that the system teaches you. 

    About Your Trainer 

    Jochen Siepmann

    Jochen comes from (for German standards comparatively) poor family, but is now financially free. He has been working in the Finance Industry for more than 20 years across Europe and Asia in various management positions. He is now a property investor, trainer, mentor and author.

    Jochen has been investing in properties for more than 25 years. He now generously and passionately shares his vast knowledge, experience and expertise with his clients and students so that they too potentially can enjoy a passive income that could set them financially free and might enable them to potentially retire early, take care of their family and have more time available.

    He has developed a passive income portal to share on more passive income opportunities with his audience. And hopefully you.

    What Is In It

    What Is Included In
    The Property Apprentice System
    (Property Investing Training Course)

    All 245 slides from the Live Training Course
    (in PDF format broken down by 15 modules)

    22 training videos across all 15 modules
    (.mp4 format, in total more than 13 hours, 16-50 minutes each)

    All the guides and other help resources
    (soft-copy in PDF format)


    The Property Apprentice Workbook
    (soft-copy in PDF format, 19 pages)

    The Property Apprentice Exercises
    (soft-copy in PDF format, 18 exercises)



    All the useful property investing templates
    (soft-copy in MS-Excel format)

    Awesome, Please Let Me In
    I Understand The Importance Of Financial Education

    Usual Price $997. ONLY Here Just $697

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Or Money Back

    But WHAT IF...?
    Still Not Convinced Yet? I know There Are Some Concerns On Your Mind. Allow Me To Address Them. And Listen To What Others Have To Say

    Q: It is too expensive
    A: Compared to what? Apart from the big discount, do you really think a mere $497 is too much to pay to learn how to potentially make money from property and become financially free?

    Q: I don't have enough money to buy property
    A: You might not have enough to buy a property in full cash, but that is not a good idea anyway. The system teaches you multiple ways how to profit from property even if you are starting with very little capital.

    Q: Property Investing is too risky
    A: While there are some elements of risk, you will learn how to minimize them, manage the risks and how to maximize returns to make your investment safe and profitable.

    Q: Is it easy?
    A: Yes, what this system teaches is easy to learn and not complicated at all to implement. Many have done so successfully before you. And so can you.

    Q: Does it work?
    A: Yes, it works - but only IF you take action and follow the proven and tested system that I use myself, too. Can you do that? I believe in you. 

    Q: Can I do it?
    A: If you can follow simple instructions that you have been taught in the system, yes you can do it, even if you have no prior experience. The system is designed for beginners. It is technique-driven and does not require any talent.

    Q: I am too busy and have no time for this.
    A: If you are too busy to make money, then stick to this excuse. Else you can surely find time (watch less TV, play less FB, sleep an hour less) and is not very time intensive at all. You can learn and implement at your own speed that you are comfortable with.

    Rave Real Reviews

    How A 77 Year Old With ZERO Experience Made $60,340 Profit:

    It's As Easy As Kid's Play (Myanmar):

    What If You Offer Them Their Money Back AFTER The Training? 

    Dr. K.C. Lim (Malaysia)

    Katerina Kitova (Czech Republic)

    Ian S. (UK)

    Stephanie Ting (Malaysia)

    Stephan Groetz (Germany)

    Chuck Highers (USA)

    Dr. Nguyễn Đinh Phong (Vietnam)

    Ryan Ng (Singapore)

    And So Many, Many, Many More:

    Your Valuable Bonuses

    Your FREE Gifts Are Awaiting You

    (They come together with the system and are not being sold separately anywhere else)

    As a 'Thank You' for getting my system and to help you to make you successful, I want to give you these FREE bonuses as gifts to you. Make good use of them please (some people don't value free stuff...I hope that's not you.)

    Bonus 1: Audio Book 'The Property Apprentice'
    (Value $20)

    Bonus 1: The audio book version of "The Property Apprentice - How To Earn While You Learn" worth $20

    Bonus 3: $1,000 Voucher For My Mentorship Program
    (Value $1,000)

    Bonus 3: A $1,000 voucher towards my Property Apprentice 1-on-1 Mentorship Program (T&C apply)

    Bonus 2: One Hour 1-on-1 Consult With Me
    (Value $500)

    Bonus 2: A personal 1-on-1 consult with me for one hour about your property investments via Zoom (worth $500)

    Timing will be arranged within one to two weeks after purchase of the system. We can e.g. discuss your goals or your existing portoflio etc. 

    Bonus 4: Property Investing Declarations

    Bonus 4: My Property Investing Declarations to program your sub-conscious mind for success (priceless)

    Why would I be doing this you might be wondering?

    Quite simply, to help more people. If you think you don't need any help, that's ok, but else you now can get your hands on this special half-price offer for only $497. If not now, then when? If you don't take action now, you most likely never will. And nothing will change for you...

    Besides, this offer is not otherwise available anywhere else... So go and grab it right now. Remember, all you need is willingness to implement (and maybe some enthusiasm to earn), you do not need experience or a big starting capital.

    Executive Summary

    If You Are One Of These People Who Skip Websites To The End, Or Were Simply Overwhelmed By Everything You Will Be Getting With
    The Property Apprentice System
    When You Upgrade Your Order Now, Let Me Summarize It For You:

    The Property Apprentice System - How To Learn While You Learn ($997 Value)(available online or as physical DVD)

    Four Valuable Bonuses ($1,520 Value) For FREE (terms and conditions apply)

    Total Value: $2,517


    Get Started Today For Only:

    U.P. $997 $697.00

    Including All 4 Valuable Bonuses When You Order The Property Apprentice System Right Now

    Yes, Upgrade My Order Please
    I Want To Get The Property Apprentice System

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Zero Risk. 30 Full Money Back Guarantee

    No, Thanks. I Don't Like To Pay Half Price And Get FREE Valuable Bonuses. I Only Want The Free Book And I Understand That This Offer is ONLY Available HERE And Nowhere Else. I Prefer To Pay Full Price With No Bonuses For The System Later